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Monumentally influenced by traditional and old-time music with a touch of country, swing, blues, and jazz, Reel World's soulful songwriting and instrumental virtuosity make for American roots music with a rare fire and authenticity. With Sue Massek on banjo, Bev Futrell on guitar and harmonica, Karen Jones on fiddle, Elise Melrood on piano, and Sharon Ruble on bass, the band brings together classic fiddling, bluegrass harmonies, and a keen eye for lyrical detail.

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"You don't see many people up on stage who've got fire. But you girls have got it. Lord, you girls are good!" Lily May Ledford, Coon Creek Girls

"The Reel World String Band is dedicated to continuing traditional old-time Appalachian music, but they weave the times with words of women's rights and coal miners' struggles." Ms Magazine

"The Reel World String Band is ideal for dancing and just generally letting loose the spirit" The New York Times

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